Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Scandal over $100 Million and how it was spent

The Obama campaign has been in full denial mode for months over the Obamanations relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama has lied about his relationship with Ayers, whom he now dismisses as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” He's familiar with him, they passed in a hallway once, and when Ayers blew up the pentagon Barrack was only 8 years old.

Never mind the fact that Obama launched his political career with a fundraiser at Ayers house, that they served on several boards together, or did several speaking tours together. He barely knows the man. Spin Spin Spin

Well a gentleman by the name of Kurtz has been doing the research that the MSM refuses to do. Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, is a Harvard-educated social anthropologist and frequent contributor to National Review, among other publications.

Kurtz has written extensively, and with factual detail, about Obama’s early career as a “community organizer,” his cultivation of benefactors in the most radical cauldrons of Chicago politics, his long-time pastor’s immersion in Black Liberation Theology, and his ties to anti-American zealots.

This brings us to Ayers a confessed terrorist who, having escaped prosecution due to surveillance violations that came to light during his decade on the lam after a bombing spree, landed an influential professorship in education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In England an Northern Ireland Ayers would probably be the one holding office. Ayers remains defiantly proud of bombing the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, and other targets. He expresses regret only that he didn’t do more. He did so in an article that was published on 9-11-01, hows that for irony.

This brings us to their association where they worked closely together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). The CAC was a major education reform project, proposed by Ayers, which was underwritten by a $49.2 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation, complemented by another $100 million in private and public funding. The project ran for about five years, beginning in 1995.

Obama, then a 33-year-old, third-year associate at a small law firm, having no executive experience, was brought in to chair the board of directors, which oversaw all “fiscal matters.” By the time the CAC’s operations were wound down in 2001 it had doled out more than $100 million in grants but had failed to achieve any improvement in the Chicago schools. What little is known about the grants Obama oversaw is troubling.

One of the first CAC awards in 1995 was $175,000 for the “Small Schools Workshop,” which had been founded by Ayers and was then headed by Mike Klonsky. It was only the beginning of the CAC’s generous funding of Klonsky — a committed Maoist who had been an Ayers comrade in the radical Students for a Democratic Society (the forerunner of Ayers’ Weatherman terrorist organization), and who hosted a “social justice” blog on the Obama campaign website until his writings were hastily purged in June.

After months of being blocked from the records of the CAC which are held at the University that Ayers teaches, Kurtz finally got access and is now researching them, and releasing what he finds.

Kurtz appeared on a radio show in Chicago to discuss some of his findings. Upon hearing he was scheduled the Obamma campaign sent out an e-mail requesting everyone associated with the campaign to flood the radio station with calls and demand he not be aired. Kurtz has obviously hit a nerve. It is the same nerve hit by the American Issues Project, whose television ad calling for examination of the Obama/Ayers relationship has prompted the Obama campaign to demand that the Justice Department begin a criminal investigation.

So much for the left being champions of free speech.

Source info from NRO

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Girl

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

This is no pushover. She knows the business end of a gun and how to shoot it (video). Her nickname on the state campionship women's basketball team was "Barracuda." She is a hunter, pilot and lifetime member of the NRA.

Palin studied journalism and political science at the University of Idaho and graduated in 1987. She eloped with her high school boyfriend, Todd Palin, in 1988 to save money on an expensive wedding. She helped out in her husband’s family commercial fishing business and appeared occasionally as a television sportscaster.

Palin won a seat on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 as a new face and a new voice, and by opposing tax increases. Four years later she was elected mayor at 32 by knocking off a three-term incumbent. At the end of her second term, party leaders encouraged her to enter the 2002 race for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. Against veteran legislators with far more experience, Palin finished second by fewer than 2,000 votes, making a name for herself in statewide politics. She was elected Alaska’s youngest and first woman governor in 2006.

McCain for all his egomaniacle tendancies played this one PERFECT. Like a Karl Rove plot until this morning no one was sure who the pick would be, and whether or not he was going to screw the base of his party.

Well he did good on both points, and added insult to injury to the Obamma campaigns scorning women voters by blowing off the Hidabeast. Add to that the masterfull stealing of any bumb Obamma might have gotten from the Messia Convention instead they are now franticly searching for the means to attack this woman without further splitting of the Democrat Base.

I tip my hat to the ole blow hard for masterfull play.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden Career Political Hack and Natural born ASS

Joe Biden is a U.S. senator from Delaware, first elected in 1972. He was born in Scranton, Pa., in 1942 but now lives in Wilmington. He graduated from the University of Delaware and earned a law degree from Syracuse University graduating 65th in a class of 86. He is a career politician that other than a short stint in a law firm in Wilmington for a couple of months he has never held a job other than public office.

Through his longevity of living off the public dole he has acquired immense knowledge on all maters of our lives, and considers himself an "expert" on Foreign Relations, The Military, Health Care, and who is qualified to sit as a judge on the higher courts.

Now mind you this genius has had no education other than law school which he graduated at the bottom of his class. His primary money backers for his political career have been Bankruptcy lawyers and other members of the Bar.

He is best known by the General public as an Obnoxious ass that tends to engage his mouth before his brain.

Here are a few of his milder statements:

""I've had a great relationship [with East Indians in America]. In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian Americans - moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking." -- Joe Biden, speaking to Indian-Americans.

Biden’s remark that “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” resonated with black voters.

"“I don’t think John Edwards knows what the heck he is talking about," [when he calls for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.] "John Edwards wants you and all the Democrats to think, ‘I want us out of there,’ but when you come back and you say, ‘O.K., John, what about the chaos that will ensue? Do we have any interest, John, left in the region?’ Well, John will have to answer yes or no. If he says yes, what are they? What are those interests, John? How do you protect those interests, John, if you are completely withdrawn? Are you withdrawn from the region, John? Are you withdrawn from Iraq, John? In what period? So all this stuff is like so much Fluffernutter out there." - Joe Biden

Biden appropriated an inspirational speech by British Labor leader Neil Kinnock. Kinnock told of ancestors who played football after long days underground in the mines, who recited poetry poetry and paved the way for him to become the first in his family to attend college.

When he saw a tape of Kinnock in action, Biden said Thursday, ``it was a connect. I mean, I could tell how that man felt. That's how I feel.``

So he used it - changing the names but little else - at a debate last month in Iowa. But instead of crediting Kinnock, he told the audience he thought of it on the way to the debate.

As a running mate for Barrack the Obamanation we couldn't have asked for a better source of free entertainment. In a an election that should only have been conceived by MAD magazine, rather than a psychotic trip in American reality. John The Traitor McCain might actually have a chance of winning.

Now if we can just keep the Russians acting as they are, thrown in with a few more statements from the mad Persian. The impossible might actually take place and it will be President John McCain. (God Help Us)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Something Different

Football is not a game played by fruity little men in shorts and knee highs! It's a sport that's played on a gridiron by gorillas that will willingly rip the head off of an opposing player while he rips the ball from his hands.

Let the real games begin, well they aren't real games yet they are only preseason. A time of the year when you separate the wheat from the chaff, and get a glimpse of whether the team you root for will be bringing you agony or ecstasy this year.

In my case it's usually agony. I am a die hard Eagles Fan, which basically means I'm use to disappointment. The Eagles are renowned for going out one week and beating the best team in the league, only to masterfully go out and get crushed by the worst the following Sunday.

The one thing Philly can always be proud of though are it's fans. We are the only city to ever drive Santa Clause from the Stadium in a barrage of snow balls. We were the first city to have a courthouse and a jail in it's stadium that overflows weekly, and the reason you can't have bottles or cans in any stadium in the country is because the Philly fans throw them at the players. Don't worry though we only throw them at our own team unless of course we are playing the Cowboys. In that case you don't even want to be on the field.

I am sure this year won't disappoint, it will be the season of McNabbs swan song. As I painfully watch our pathetic excuse for a quarterback lead my Eagles to last place. Hurrah!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Why we need to DESTROY the Republican Party

As the Republicans FINALLY find an issue that they can win on, along come a pack of ASSHOLES to take it off the table.

Just as the "gang of 14" stopped the process to end the un-constitutional blocking of Judicial appointments. Along comes the "Gang of 10". The gang of 10 is a "bipartisan" group to take the solution of drilling off the table to lower the high price of oil.

The "Gang of 10" includes Conrad, D-North Dakota; Saxby Chambliss, R-Georgia; John Thune, R-South Dakota; Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina; Blanche Lincoln, D-Arkansas; Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana; Johnny Isakson, R-Georgia; Bob Corker, R-Tennessee; Mark Pryor, D-Arkansas; and Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska.

The major components of the proposal include:

  • Expanding drilling opportunities off the East coast and Gulf of Mexico, which pleases Republicans

  • Keeping a ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a concession to Democrats

  • Repealing a tax break for oil companies that Democrats have long called for

  • Putting billions toward producing more alternative-fuel vehicles, in part paid for by the oil and gas industry

The plan is estimated to cost $85 billion, but would be offset with "loophole closers and other revenues," including money from the new leases and from closing a oil industry manufacturing tax credit. The Senators said they plan to pay for the $84 billion in spending in the bill by eliminating $30 billion in tax breaks for energy companies and by ensuring the federal government gets a fair share of revenue from the Gulf of Mexico drilling leases. What percentage of money is "fair" has yet to be specified.

So that leaves a minimum of $54 Billion in new taxes, plus new Royalty payments on each barrel of oil. Not to mention that the off shore drilling part of the bill makes it conditional on approval from the EPA and "other" environmental committees.

The Bill also forces American car manufacturers to have 85% of ALL cars made in the US to run off of any fuel other than gasoline within 20 years.

The 5 Republicans in this gang are either not up for re-election or are un-opposed. Their motivation in this is self aggrandizement and nothing else. The creation of this gang is nothing but the undermining of the will of not only of their party but the will of the people.

This group is the perfect representation of what's wrong with the Republican Party. It is filled with idiots that have long ago forgot the roots of their party and why they are there.

Today's Republicans are the Democrats of the 60s and today's Democrats are the old Soviet Politburo. Conservatives no longer have a voice in this government. The Republican party needs to be dismantled from within or left to whither on the vine of it's permanent status as a minority party to impotent to accomplish anything.

The Full Statement

What an ASS!