Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The fagson is free lock up your sons!!!!!!!!!

Well the fruitloop Michael Fagson got acquited of all charges how nice. Personally I don't give a rats ass what you do in your bedroom JUST DONT DO IT WITH CHILDREN!!!!!


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ralph Nader is NUTZ

I was watching c-span this morning and they had ralph nader on. nader has always been a radical and some of his causes have been very good and just, but the man is a raving lunatic filled with hate.

I sat there and watched him lie, ignore facts and just repeat the mantra that the current adminastration is an out of controll illegal regime. How they got into power by stealing the election in 2000 and how they launched an illegal war on poor iraq.

He then went on to blame this all on the people of the US and how this was all due to apathy.

What I really got a kick out of was how taughting how great the state department was for opposing this war and how all the diplomats were right.

He kept quoting american bassed anti-war websites about how things were horrible in iraq. not once did he mention any of the Iraq based blogs that say just the opposit.

His big thing now is the british memo that has shown up that was written by an aid that said the US was fixing the inteligance reports to justify the war. On the basis of this downing street memo he wants bush impeached.

Well i guess the CIA was fixing the inteligance reports in all the other countries that said that saddam had wmd also. All those Kurds weren't gassed it was really just a group heart attack eppidemic.

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