Saturday, August 09, 2008

Something Different

Football is not a game played by fruity little men in shorts and knee highs! It's a sport that's played on a gridiron by gorillas that will willingly rip the head off of an opposing player while he rips the ball from his hands.

Let the real games begin, well they aren't real games yet they are only preseason. A time of the year when you separate the wheat from the chaff, and get a glimpse of whether the team you root for will be bringing you agony or ecstasy this year.

In my case it's usually agony. I am a die hard Eagles Fan, which basically means I'm use to disappointment. The Eagles are renowned for going out one week and beating the best team in the league, only to masterfully go out and get crushed by the worst the following Sunday.

The one thing Philly can always be proud of though are it's fans. We are the only city to ever drive Santa Clause from the Stadium in a barrage of snow balls. We were the first city to have a courthouse and a jail in it's stadium that overflows weekly, and the reason you can't have bottles or cans in any stadium in the country is because the Philly fans throw them at the players. Don't worry though we only throw them at our own team unless of course we are playing the Cowboys. In that case you don't even want to be on the field.

I am sure this year won't disappoint, it will be the season of McNabbs swan song. As I painfully watch our pathetic excuse for a quarterback lead my Eagles to last place. Hurrah!

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