Friday, August 08, 2008

Why we need to DESTROY the Republican Party

As the Republicans FINALLY find an issue that they can win on, along come a pack of ASSHOLES to take it off the table.

Just as the "gang of 14" stopped the process to end the un-constitutional blocking of Judicial appointments. Along comes the "Gang of 10". The gang of 10 is a "bipartisan" group to take the solution of drilling off the table to lower the high price of oil.

The "Gang of 10" includes Conrad, D-North Dakota; Saxby Chambliss, R-Georgia; John Thune, R-South Dakota; Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina; Blanche Lincoln, D-Arkansas; Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana; Johnny Isakson, R-Georgia; Bob Corker, R-Tennessee; Mark Pryor, D-Arkansas; and Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska.

The major components of the proposal include:

  • Expanding drilling opportunities off the East coast and Gulf of Mexico, which pleases Republicans

  • Keeping a ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a concession to Democrats

  • Repealing a tax break for oil companies that Democrats have long called for

  • Putting billions toward producing more alternative-fuel vehicles, in part paid for by the oil and gas industry

The plan is estimated to cost $85 billion, but would be offset with "loophole closers and other revenues," including money from the new leases and from closing a oil industry manufacturing tax credit. The Senators said they plan to pay for the $84 billion in spending in the bill by eliminating $30 billion in tax breaks for energy companies and by ensuring the federal government gets a fair share of revenue from the Gulf of Mexico drilling leases. What percentage of money is "fair" has yet to be specified.

So that leaves a minimum of $54 Billion in new taxes, plus new Royalty payments on each barrel of oil. Not to mention that the off shore drilling part of the bill makes it conditional on approval from the EPA and "other" environmental committees.

The Bill also forces American car manufacturers to have 85% of ALL cars made in the US to run off of any fuel other than gasoline within 20 years.

The 5 Republicans in this gang are either not up for re-election or are un-opposed. Their motivation in this is self aggrandizement and nothing else. The creation of this gang is nothing but the undermining of the will of not only of their party but the will of the people.

This group is the perfect representation of what's wrong with the Republican Party. It is filled with idiots that have long ago forgot the roots of their party and why they are there.

Today's Republicans are the Democrats of the 60s and today's Democrats are the old Soviet Politburo. Conservatives no longer have a voice in this government. The Republican party needs to be dismantled from within or left to whither on the vine of it's permanent status as a minority party to impotent to accomplish anything.

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