Monday, February 28, 2005

Just some rambling

There has been a proposal in Philly to Ban Smoking in all bars and resturants. the smoke Nazis are on the loose. I have a proposal for all these places or at least how it should be. The revenue for the state of pennsylvania as like any state is from the collection of taxes. over 50% of the states income comes from the tax on tabacco. I would like to see it put into legislation that any city that bans smoking a legal product that provides the income base for the states budget. It should be placed into law that in areas that ban the use of products that provide the state its income those areas should have the revenue that they recieve from the state cut in half. Since they choose not to provide the state with its much needed funds their funds from the state should be cut. Especially a city like Philladelphia "the city that loves you back" in the mean time the population flees from this city due to the oppresive taxation for those that live in it. No business except Comcast cable wants to be located there, and comcast is another story for another day the cable company from hell. Ask the bar and resturant owners in NY how much their gross revenues have gone down since they inacted the smoking ban there. Just get over it if you ride in any car you get more second hand smoke from the exhaust of the car than if you were in a ten by ten room filled with fifty smokers. Yet I dont see any ban on cars in big cities there are nuts who do want to see cars banned but those kooks are also for another day. But this city will due what it believes is the right thing which of course will be the wrong thing for the city. All that they will accomplish is just providing another reason for the people in the suburbs not to come into the city.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A little tribute to Rollye James the Goddess of the night time airways

Direct from the edge of the Lunatic Fringe its the Rollye James Show

Rollye is probably the greatist female radio personality of our time. A lover of obscure music and a walking encylclopedia of all things radio. She puts on one of the most unique syndicated radio show that exists today. If your a lover of the truth, obscurity and just great talk radio if you have not heard her do yourself a faver and search her out. If your in the US she's probably on a radio near you. A true dinnasaur of american thought, values, and personality listen to her and you'll love her.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The True symbol of The US

The true symbol that represents the US is not uncle Sam, or the Eagle. The Flag may be our label but the symbol of the Heart of America is embodied in one of our comic book heros. The Batman. Think about it he is just a man after all yet he fights for what he feels is right. He doesn't fight fair, he scares the hell out of those that he chooses to oppose. No super powers, just determination, an unbreakable will, a lot of really neat high tech gadgets. and the willingness to get bloody in the fight for justice. With an inner heart that truly believes that he can make a differance along with the understanding that he must do what he does because he can. Like him we are viewed as the vigilanti and like him we don't care because the rules weren't made so as to allow evil to get away with evil even though that is how other nations seem to want to apply those rules. So you must sometimes break the rules for what is good and right. the end can justify the means.

Screw The EU and especially the French

It amazes me watching the press try to spin Bush's visit to europe as a trip to make nice to the Euros. The europeans didn't like us before 9-11 They don't like us now nor will they in the future. So fuck um. We need to do what we always do, whats good for us. Remmember if its good for America it can't be wrong. That is what our policy has to be and has been forever. We don't care what the rest of the world thinks. They don't understand the way we think what motivates us what drives us. We are a nation of shithoarders and individualists and we like it that way. We are truely the only nation that could be selfsuficiant if we chose to and that bothers them. but what really bothers them is that if we say we are going to do something we do it. What this visit is all about is Bush telling the Euros that nothing has changed either get on board with us or get the Hell out of the way.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Not Really a Blogger

I hope this works I have been trying to post and this d**n thing won't let me.

Ahh it worked, OK first of all just to let you know a little about me and how I will conduct this blog. I don't spell and I don't care but never take my lack of appreciation for the rules of written word as a lack of education or a shallowness of depth of thought. People who look at how things are spelled or whether or not the correct punctuation is being applied are usually doing it to ignore or devalue what the person is saying they can not or will not debate the issue at hand instead they attack the technacalities of how something is written. That is just gutless Bullshit.

You will find that my tastes and attitudes are varried but always honest. I am a conservative gun toting oppinionated individual, My beliefs are more along the line of a constitutionalist, but before you label me lets discuss the issue of abortion. This issue is one of the biggest red herring bullshit nonissues that has ever been manipulated into a tool to divert attention and controll the sheep. I would hope and pray and yes I said pray that no woman would ever have to suffer through this process yet I have no right to decide for that woman that she can or can not make that choice for herself. it is between her and her God and her consience. I have never met a woman that after having one has not had mental scars from it. Abortion will never be outlawed no matter who is on the supreme court this whole issue is just a tool by the communist democrats used to scare people and controll their voting base.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. everyone should own and carry a pistol.

Criminals comit crime because they are criminals not because society has left them no choice.

The homeless 95% of the homeless are drug addicts (alcohal is a drug too) and no matter how much you want to help them you can't, an addict can only end their own cycle of self destruction.

The Democrat party are anything but democratic they are the communist party of the united states. They want to be the politburo of America read Marx and you will find the democrat platform.


Iraq is part of the war on terror you idiots. No they didn,t attack us on 9-11 but they were state sponser of terrorism. and they were the best country to stage from for the war that we are just beginning. we will be in Iraq for a minnimum of 10 years we have no choice. The only way to fight this war is from the heart of that region of the world. This is going to be a long and bloody war and Iraq was and is just a battle in that war.

This is just a sample of my beliefs I hope you have a little taste of what you may find if you come here.

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