Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ahh just feel like letting loose a rant

An interesting month

One woman starved to death for political reason and to cover the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. The death of a Pope on almost the same day. Overkill on the newscoverage of both events.

The only hope is that the death of Schiavo will have pissed enough people off that we can start putting an end to judges creating law from the bench. The judiciary in this country have placed themselves above the othetr two thirds of government and it must be dealt with.

The qustion is will it be? I don't think so even the public spectacle of this woman not being given fair representation of her own because of judicial assholeness, I dought it will be enough. It might allow us to get some constitutional law judges on the bench and that might cause the left and the press to then demand some sort of judicial restraints be installed because god forbid that we have judges that have actually read the constitution and understand the restraints that it puts on them as well as everyone else

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