Saturday, January 21, 2006

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Christopher Hitchens a writer that I like, disappointed me the other day when he joined the ACLU Law Suit. I now know why. His sources have stopped talking to him. Mr. Hitchens who has been very pro-Iraq war has a lot of Middle East contacts, and guess what ? Since the NY Times released their story about the NSA listening to phone calls of People calling into and out of the ME they have all stopped talking. Now I am still pissed that Mr. Hitchens has allowed himself to part of this suit, it PROVES without a doubt that the LEAKING of this story has damaged our intelligence gathering ability. If innocent news sources won't talk on the phone now you know TERRORISTS won't. So we are now more at risk of NOT knowing what the TERRORISTS are doing thanks to the NY Times. Remember that the next attack.

ADD ON: Rosenberg’s granddaughter sues NSA over “spying”
By: Cao
Rachel Meeropol
See this posted at Free Republic with a wealth of wonderful comments from readers. Also see Sweetness & Light. Check out Sweetness and Light because there is a lot more there than what you see below.

Rachel Meeropol is the granddaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed in 1953 for helping to pass US atom bomb secrets to the Soviet Union. Julius’s KGB nom de guerre was “Liberal.”

Rachel is a Communist in her own right. She is a Vice President of the New York City chapter of the communist National Lawyers Guild.
Ms Meerpol is also a fixture in may of the most ultra left organizations out there, such as The Children Of Resistance.
But you’d never know any of that from the DNC’s Associated Press.

Go to CAOs Blog to Read the Rest.

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