Saturday, January 21, 2006

Iran calls for oil output cut

So when Gas is $5-10 a gallon and old people are dying from the cold because they refuse to pay their gas bills to heat their homes. Will the government finally lift the restrictions on Drilling for oil and building refineries in this country, or will they allow the enviro wackos to continue with their nonsense. The development of domestic oil is a matter of national security that is not being dealt with due to the propaganda machine of the left. With our dependency on foreign oil our whole economy is in jeopardy. Their are NO alternative fuels that can replace oil at this time or any time in the near future. Get over it and start producing.

By Gareth Smyth and Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran
and Carola Hoyos in LondonPublished:
January 20 2006 12:03
Last updated: January 20 2006 20:21

Iran has called for a cut in global oil production while simultaneously preparing to shift its foreign assets out of Europe.
The moves were widely interpreted as a signal that Iran is preparing for a long stand-off with the west and sees oil production as a counter weight to international economic pressure.
Tehran's call on Friday for the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to reduce production by 1m barrels a day helped take prices up to a four-month high of more than $68 a barrel, even though Iran is the only Opec member to call for the cut and is unlikely to find much support for the measure at Opec's meeting in Vienna on January 31.
Some traders said Iran

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