Friday, January 20, 2006

Senator Clinton accepts money from supporters of Iranian Mullahs

Yonkers, NY –
Date: 1/19/2006

Senator Clinton has accused President Bush of downplaying the threat from Iran while accepting money from supporters of the Iranian regime.
Wealthy businessmen Hassan Nemazee and Faraj Aalaei are associated with the American Iranian Council, a pro-regime anti-sanctions group. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Namazee has contributed $4,000 to Clinton's reelection while Aalaei has given $1,000.
The press describes their lobby this way "the American-Iranian Council [AIC], a pro-regime lobbying group trying to get Congress and the Bush administration to lift the trade embargo on Iran."
Hillary Clinton is also raising money from Gati Kashani, another figure linked with the Mullahs.
On its website, the Iranian American PAC noted, "On Friday June 3rd, Iranian American friends of the Hillary Clinton Senate re-election campaign hosted a fundraising event in honor of Senator Clinton. The event took place at the home of Gita and Behzad Kashani in Los Altos Hills, California."
The PAC favors looser Visa rule for Iranians coming to the United States. The FBI opposes liberalized visas for the terrorist state. But in full pander mode, the PAC reported Clinton attacked United States Visa policy. "Senator Clinton went on to address the audience on topics specifically relevant to the Iranian American community. She discussed immigration and acknowledged the difficulties Iranian nationals have in obtaining visas to visit family members residing in America. 'Our visa policy is not only unfair but it's not good for America.'"
John Spencer, the former Yonkers Mayor and Vietnam combat veteran who will challenge Senator Clinton in November, made the following statement. "Senator Clinton voted against the very munitions necessary to avoid a nuclear confrontation with Iran while at the same time accepting money from supporters of the Iranian Mullahs. Senator Clinton lacks the credibility to keep New York safe and she should return this tainted money."

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