Thursday, August 18, 2005

To all the loony leftists that say Zarcowee represents an insurgancy of Iraqies

From Iraq The Model regarding the so-called insurgancy fighters (the Sunni groups)

The Sunni respond to Al-Qaeda's threats...
Al-Qaeda is becoming even more aggressive toward Iraq as a whole and a few dyas ago Sunni leaders were added to Al-Qaeda's hit-list.
I think this reflects a lot of frustration among the jihadists leaders after armed clashes between Sunni tribes and jihadi fighters and the active Sunnis participation in the constitution writing process…now Zarqawi is talking about slitting throats again.

The response from the Sunni clerics didn't take a long time to come and ironically that response came from no less than Fallujah itself.
Here's what I read on Al-Mada (Arabic).

The Fallujah scholars council represented by its head Hamza Al-Eisawi the preacher in Al-Wahda mosque released an announcement that urged Fallujans to take their role in the referendum. The cleric explained that this is one of their duties as clerics to give advice to the people and he added that the fatwa will be read in all of the city's mosques.
It's worth mentioning that four voters registration offices have been designated in the city and the people have decided to take the responsibility of protecting these offices without interference from the multinational forces. At the same time, Fallujah is witnessing daily lectures and conferences where thinkers and leaders from the Islamic party are educating the people about the importance of participation in the referendum.

Abdul Hameed Jadoo the preacher at Al-Furqan mosque called the people to have their names registered in the offices saying that "the constitution is going to prove our identity as Iraqis"
Abbas Kareem, a former naval officer from Fallujah said "If we se a fair and balanced draft of the constitution then we're certainly going to accept it"

Dr. Suhaib Mahmood from Fallujah's general hospital said "If the draft guaranteed equal rights for all Iraqis away from sectarian discrimination we'll consider it convincing…having our say in the constitution is essential and an important turning point for us"

While lawyer Sabah Naji from Fallujah too said "We have to participate in the referendum and even if we didn't like the draft we still have the opportunity to say no"

Ahmed Hameed, an engineer in the municipal department in Fallujah said "the town is about to see a new political change that will have a big effect on the shape of the political future of Iraq…everybody here is going to participate and no one wants to miss the chance this time"

Meanwhile but in Mosul, Al-Mada paper also reported that voters registration offices in the northern city are receiving lots of people who want to add their names to the voters lists and that sources from the IECI told the paper that registration rates exceeded expectations it was also mentioned that preachers in Mosul's mosques are conducting a wide campaign to encourage people to participate in the referendum.

In Baghdad and during last Friday's prayers at the Um Al-Qura mosque (the HQ of the association of Muslim scholars) Sheikh Mahdi Al-Sumaiday declared that the association and the Islamic party as well as the department of Sunni property have all made the decision to take part in the political process.

Back to the main topic of this post;last week Zarqawi threatened to bomb, kill and behead all those who dare to show up for the referendum.
Do I need to remind Zarqawi of his previous threats and how Iraqi's responded to these threats?
In an earlier message of hatred he claimed to be defending the Sunni from the Sheat and now he's declaring all Iraqis are his enemies.

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  1. Since you don't even know how to spell the name of your subject I assume that the rest of this post will be mindless dribble of an adolescent.

    In case he changes the title I would like to point out that he spelled 'Al-zarqawi', Zarcowee.

  2. I spelled it that way on purpose. but as usual when a lefty can't debate the substance of something the always go for the spelling LOL

  3. I notice also from your statement you didn't even have the balls to read it. Just came by to try and insult. Don't come to a batle of wits unarmed little boy

  4. I didn't need to.

  5. no you mean your uncapeable of reasonable thought or debate. It's part of the mental disiese you suffer from.

  6. I hear the sound of sucking sand under zarqawi and liberals all across the world.

    Buh-bye Toad!


    Here is some of the pertinant excerpts:

    If we fight them {and we must fight them}, we will confront one of two things. Either:

    1 – We fight them, and this is difficult because of the gap that will emerge between us and the people of the land. How can we fight their cousins and their sons and under what pretext after the Americans, who hold the reins of power from their rear bases, pull back? The real sons of this land will decide the matter through experience. Democracy is coming, and there will be no excuse thereafter.

    2 – We pack our bags and search for another land, as is the sad, recurrent story in the arenas of jihad, because our enemy is growing stronger and his intelligence data are increasing day by day. By the Lord of the Ka`ba, [this] is suffocation and then wearing down the roads. People follow the religion of their kings. Their hearts are with you and their swords are with Bani Umayya (the Umayyads), i.e., with power, victory, and security. God have mercy.

    It is our hope to accelerate the pace of work and that companies and battalions with expertise, experience, and endurance will be formed to await the zero hour when we will begin to appear in the open, gain control the land at night, and extend it into daylight, the One and Conquering God willing. We hope that this matter, I mean the zero hour, will [come] four months or so before the promised government is formed. As you can see, we are racing against time. If we are able, as we hope, to turn the tables on them and thwart their plan, this will be good. If the other [scenario] [happens] – and we seek refuge in God – and the government extends its control over the country, we will have to pack our bags and break camp for another land in which we can resume carrying the banner or in which God will choose us as martyrs for his sake.