Friday, August 19, 2005

Jamie Gorelick is Panicking

This e-mail is being mass sent to every right leaning blog.

"I am disturbed by your continual smears of honorable Americans like Jamie Gorelick. If you disagree with the opinions of Ms. Gorelick, then please voice that at your discretion, but engaging in personal smears campaigns at the behest of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist really do a disservice to your readers. Jamie Gorelick’s memo did not disallow sharing of information between the military and the FBI. Please issue a correction in your next blog."

There seems to be a campaign launched by blogs on the Left to write attack e-mails demanding "corrections" from me and others regarding the role of Jamie Gorelick's 1995 "wall" memo and its resulting effect on the Able Danger matter. Here's what I think, and what I have said for more than a week now: The 1981 executive order governing intelligence matters specifically gives military intelligence a right to share information with the FBI. But when the deputy attorney general, in 1995, writes a memo insisting that when it comes to sharing intelligence, it is important to go 'beyond the letter of the law" -- and she is the same person who was the general counsel at the Pentagon before that -- said memo indicates a mindset in the government about the dangers and inherent incorrectness about the sharing of intelligence information that was very dangerous. That's what 9/11 proved in part, and why a lot of us think Gorelick's "wall" memo was important and reflective of a mindset consensus. But don't take my word for it. Consider how damaging Mary Jo White, the Clinton appointee who was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, reacted to Gorelick -- with horror and outrage at the difficulties she was placing in the path of those tasked with the challenge of rooting out stateless terrorists.

Or, on second thought, don't read Mary Jo White. Don't read anything. Just continue to serve as an e-mail robot. It's probably the best you guys can do.

The best part about this is Curt Weldon or the Members of Able Danger didn't even mention Gorelicks name. She was on vacation when this story broke and knowing her crimes She called Weldons office from the Islands stating she was not guilty before being accused. You know what they say Guilt will make You Tilt.


  1. Jamie Gorelick should be panicking. She has stuck her neck way out to protect the Clintons. We will see how far she is willing to go. Expect more revelations to come out about the 9/11 commission's ommissions of important facts. Heads are going to roll.

    I have an article on this same subject called "Where are the Jersey Girls?" come visit if you like.

  2. What is truly disturbing about this mess is the victims and their families were abused by the 9/11 commission's report.

  3. Ken I agree the deeper they dig the more that will be revealed

    Skye the victims and their families were never even considered by this commision. The whole purpose which is beccoming more and more obvious moment by moment was to cover the clintons and do as much damage to bush as possible

  4. I find it interesting that once I challange you, you decided you would take your ball and go home. You demanded that I justify my actions and yet you refuse to even discuss yours.

  5. Polanco

    excuse me if I went away for a few days

  6. City, as I mentioned on my blog, I'm sorry I assumed. Thanks for your response.