Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just Bad Radio

I am a big fan of radio. All sorts. I listen to every type of talk radio on the dial. I am blessed in owning a CCRANE radio which alows me to do a lot of DXing.

I listen to 1210am wpht as my primary station it is brodcast out of Philly. I also listen to 900 am an african american station and 1340am another african american station. At night my two favorite shows are Rollye James (queen of the lunatic fringe), and Coast to Coast Am the show that was started by Art Bell. Coast runs the gamat from alien abductions to conspiracy central depending on the night of the week.

Lately I have found a station 1530am out of Cincinnati it's one of the AirAmerica stations. I have had the opportunity to hear Randy Rhodes and this Guy named Lionel. I found them when I was tuning out O'Reily I just can't stand him. What has amazed me listining to AA is the quality of the talent. Which is anything but talented. I don't mind listening to opposing points of view one should always know what the other side is saying. The delivery of their message is just done poorly. When they disagree with a caller they talk over them and call them names and attack them as rightwing looney christians. Now even if you believe this to be true the way talk radio works is that you let the caller either hang themselves with their own words or you refute what they say with your arguments in the other direction. Niether of these no talents are capable of doing this. They don't even know how to try. Lionel went on for over an hour the other night saying that in his words "the dirty son of a bitches are just going to give us a draft" when he took a call that disagreed with him the caller saying that the only people trying to institute a draft was Charlie Rangle a democrat. This lionel blew a fuse and called the guy a liar and started talking over him saying "you'll see you'll see". Now what the guy said was the truth and even if you disagree and believe that the republicans are going to start a draft. The better tact would have been to ridicule the caller with his reasoning of why lionel believes that the republicans are going to do a draft. The whole time I was listining he never gave an argument to support his notion on this position.

If the left is going to survive in the talk radio business they have to start entertaining. This radio station that is syndicated in a few markets which are all high democrat markets still has poor ratings. If they can't even get their base to listen how do they expect to survive. You can only steal so much money befor you get shut down. And I say that not to be obnoxious but because it has come out that half the money used to start this franchise was money that was swindled away from programs to help seniors. All in all it's just Bad radio.


  1. Just started listening to 770am WABC out of NYC. I can't get enough of Mark Levin and the rest of the crew at 770.

    I agree troll, the left haven't mastered the art of entertainment.

    Well..they ARE just does not cross over into radio well.


  2. not at all, but don't you understand skye thats our fault for not being "intelectual" enough to understand it.

    Do have any problem picking up 770? I flip over to it when there is a ball game on 1210

  3. I pick up WABC in my car radio, the signal fades as I approach center city.

    Driving in the northern burbs, I can usually pick up the signal.

    Ahh..yes..I just don't get the liberal nuance, Troll!