Monday, August 29, 2005

Philly Future

I have been posting at another Site called Philly Future there is a link to it on my sidebar. I went to this site out of my own interest in my City and region. Philly is a wonderful place to live I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But this city has a darkside of intolerance to anyone that is not a liberal or a democrat.

I was hoping to just add my point of view into the mix on this site. It said it was open to all points of view. Sadly this seems not to be the case. It is run by people that are of the liberal point of view and so far they are very intollerant of any other view. I will give it a few more days to get more of a feel for it, but I think that the telltale signs of thier bias will make it a waste of time. It wouldn't surprise me if they block my posts and cancel my account. What a pity.


  1. I'm sorry your experience was so bad with them. I hope you'll ontinue you debate on my blog. By the way, I loloked back at the last comment I made to you. The definition of ignorance was for someone who asked, and not meant to imply that your views are ignorant. I placed the definition badly. Sorry! I seem to be doing a lot of apologizing lately. Anyway, Keep Debating! You're comments are interesting and well-thought out, and I enjoy hearing from you!

  2. No need to apologize Polanco.I will continue to post on your blog and others I haven't been very active in the last two weeks I started a different job and have been doing efficiency studies.

  3. Philly Future is biased to the left but what do you expect from bloggers in Philly? I have seen that the blog owners have been gratified in the past by the few conservative blogs currently running there. Keep hanging in, hon.

  4. I read that site. It is pretty liberal. I have problems with anyone who professes to be anything they're not. I will be writing a letter to them as a liberal blogger who is disappointed that there aren't more points of view available on that site.

  5. what does PF profess to be? I've visited a few times, and I'm not sure if you're mean politics or mission statement, or what? -far as I can tell it doesnt claim to be apolitical. monicar is right. what do you expect from philly? do you want an affirmative action program to force more conservative bloggers to write for the site? so there are more libs than cons in philly, that's life. maybe the site wouldn't seem so liberal if more conservatives actually posted stuff there, rather than whining about it.

    BTW, monicar, you seem to think that the conservatives at philly future are token. I read a few of them, and they're some of the best conservative bloggers around. definitely not token figures. ALa's blog, for instance, kicks ass.

  6. What the hell are you talking about I think the conservative bloggers are 'token'?

    No shit Blonde Sagacity kicks ass. She and I linked to each other from the start.

    Where the hell do you get off accusing me of saying something like that?

  7. Little miss 'profile not available' sara?

  8. Sara

    Who tied the knot in your panties? #1 you dont even have a blog your nithing but a flamer. I can't help it if your to ignorant to see what I was saying or not. its obvious you did not read what I posted on either site. But thanks for stopping by and please do again.

  9. then you must be quite proud of yourself, managing to both have a blog and be a flamer, troll-man.

    and monikar, it isn't much of a stretch from "profile not available" to "profile not saying a whole hell of a lot" (way to take a step out on a limb and tell us your life's story in the profile section, it shows you really stand behind your work). anyway, what the hell do you care if my profile isn't there? are you having dirty thoughts about me at night or something? do you want a date? is that it?

    back to the troll, I read your posts on philly future (pure genius, by the way), so i know exactly what you wrote. and lastly, trollie, the only thing you need to know about my "panties" is that a third-grade dropout like you wouldn't have a shot of getting into them.

    people like you are just better off going back under your rocks. it keeps the blight of your existence out of my sightline.

  10. Sara

    Poor little girl tsk tsk tsk you don't function well in the real world do you?

    The reason people check posters profiles is to see what thier blog is called and perhaps view it to see if its worth a read. You of course being unable to string an original thought together have no blog. I guess your not willing to share the depths of your thoughts or lack of LOL

  11. Sara - are you a teenager? One of our pimple-faced youth? You know - the ones with all of the wisdom?

    You need to study how to communicate properly with adults. I give you an 'F' in that area.