Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Return of Heterodoxy

David Horrowitz site Is bringing back a series of articles that everyone should read. They are a documentation and critique of the Corrupt seizure of American Acedemia by the Commie Leftist Wackos of the 60s.

Here is a blurb to wet your whistle.

David and I began Heterodoxy at about the time of the occupation of
Washington by the Clintons which seemed to us at the time to be the
political equivalent of the triumph of Faulkner's Snopes family in Yoknapatapha
County.Their rise to power was parallaled by that of the tenured radicals
in the universities, some of them people we had known on the Left in the
60s. Back then their deepest ambition had been to burn the university
down. Failing in that objective, as in so many others, they had dived back into
academia and gotten onto the tenure track when the revolutionary going got rough
in the late 70s. They had accomplished the destruction of the
university firelessly, so to speak, by marrying the thoughts of fascist
leaning foreign intellectuals such as Paul De Man who denied the objective
existence of truth to the thoughts of Marxists like Antonio Gramsci in
the intellectual equivalent of the Hitler-Stalin Pact. This putsch,
which had taken place silently and in slow motion, had produced a new
and sinister phenomenon opponents were calling political correctness
which spread outward like an airborne toxic event into the larger
culture. George Orwell's "smelly little orthodoxies".seemed to be taking
over the world. A cultural war had broken out, but our side didn't have an
army in the field. We decided that there was only one antidote for the new
orthodoxy: Heterodoxy.

It will run a new/old article every week.

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