Friday, September 02, 2005

The Culling of The Herd

Watching the scenes being broadcast from New Orleans I can't help but be angered and amused by what I see.

I was watching a woman scream into the camera how it was everyone but her own selfs fault that she was not getting help. Before the Hurricane everyone was told to evacuate. The only groups that should have been left in the city were the people at the hospitals and the stadium.

Instead a large comminity decided to make the choice to stay of their own volition. No one refused to give help to anyone that wanted to leave. No one decided that if you live in this section or that section we won't help you. These people chose to stay now they want to blame others for their own stupidity. They were told if they stayed help would not be able to reach them for days if at all. Even when help came in the form of people in boats they were shot at. These people chose to cull themselves from the herd of humanity. They jumped over the cliff and are now shocked and angered that they are dying from the consequences of thier own choice.

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