Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What the Hell Happened to NASA over the past 40 years

The agency that once held the dreams of all the western worlds children in the palm of its hands has somehow over the years been taken over by rock hunters with no sense of adventure.

Whether you believe in life on other planets or not NASA SUCKS!!!

Why haven't we gone back to the moon?

Why did we let environmental concerns lead to the destruction of the space shutle?

Why do they color shift the pix from MARS?

Why don't they focus the cameras orbiting MARS on Cydonia to get crisp clear pix?
If there is nothing there prove it once and for all, and if there is something there there budget will tripple over night.

Why are they hostile to the SETI crowd and all the people who want to take the space program in the direction of man not robots exploring space?

When we were kids we all wanted to be atronauts. To bodly go where no man has gone before, Shit the nasa administraters are fighting going back to the moon. All in all nasa has been one of the biggest let downs to my generation.

After the first space shuttle blew up on launch years ago they ran a poll asking if you were asked to go up in the shuttle tommorow would you go? Over 75% of the people polled said yes.

The space program has given the people of earth more advances in almost every aspect of our lives than any other program that ever existed. How much longer before we get tired of the geeks running things till the will of the people reclaims our jewel? Maybe Bransen and others like him will create a space agency that will at least not treat the dreams of common people like shit and exploit space the way it was meant to be exploited.


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  1. Well - my opinion is that we HAVE to get to the moon before the Chi-comms do.

    I agree about NASA though. Really don't know what the fix for them would be - I really don't. Possibly scrap NASA altogether it's a huge bureaucracy and maybe too unwieldy for any real change.

    Private enterprise. Maybe that's it. Let our big, beautiful (sort of) free market handle the whole thing from here on out.