Wednesday, March 09, 2005

OH God I pissed off the Brits

There is a great blog called the tangled web. It's abritish blog usually very good in its content. But just like here in the US the have ther own left wing kool aid drinkers people who have read less than about ten percent of the facts on a subject and are instant experts. Well I pissed one of them off because he was spewing the name McCarthy at people. Like most people that use that name to insult people in this country he believes what he has been told to believe rather than thr facts. Hell if you quote facts at people in this country about McCarthy you get attacked. But are amain argument has to do with the self proclaimed commie reporter from Italy. They still want to believe that it has to be the american solders fault that she tried to speed through a check point and got shot. She Believes that she is so important that we would rather kill her than let her brave comrads in the struggle against the great satan recieve her nations contribution of support for there just cause ($1mill). Well hate to break it to her and everyone else.

Bottom line we could care less.


  1. I love A Tangled Web!It's a Great Limey Blog!

  2. Thanks for all your kind words. ATW attracts people from the right and quite a lot from the left. But here at the center of the web, we are RIGHT through and through. Your contributions on the McCarthy thread were great - as I said I believe he was a man more sinned against than sinning but leftists are so stuck in their cliches that they can't accept rationale argument!

  3. They have drank to much of the kool aid. I am a right winger but on certain subjects do to research or personel belief I will take the left side of the issue.

    A poor example in the sense that the subject desearves a rant in it self is the abortion issue. I am pro-choice yet I am what most people in my country would call a staunch conservative