Sunday, March 06, 2005

Check Point Etiquett

Or how to not get shot when approaching one. DUH!!!

OK rule # 1 if you've just negotiated your release from the hands of terrorists your safe now slow down.

Rule #2 if when approaching a check point manned by guys with guns in a country where speeding cars that approach check points have a tendancy to blow up SLOW DOWN

Rule # 3 if the people with the guns at the check point start flashing lights and firing warning shots STOP

it's just that simple idiots. Although I know that a large group of you believe this is what happened

A couple of american soldiers were hanging out on a corner and they said to each other "Hey Bill ya know what we aint killed nobody today Yeah Johny whats wit dat ya know what I'll tell ya the next car that comes down the road lets waste it. Cool bill that'll be real fun. Look Johny here comes one now shoot it Oh cool bill we just shot that stupid Italion woman they been lookin for Yeah but shes still alive at least we killed the asshole who negotiated with the terrorists.

The sad part is there are those in the hate america crowd who believe a conversation like that would take place


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  1. I saw on Little Green Footballs that the Italians paid TEN MILLION dollars for this stupid commie bitch.

    Grizzly Mama is growling.