Saturday, March 05, 2005

Time to let the Jews do some of our dirty work

Iran responds to The EUs efforts to play nice.

Mooolahs say Fuck You

Just as we here in the united states prdicted the Mooolahs have spoken. At least we don't have idiots like Jimmy Carter saying they made a deal their going to be good boys like he did with the N koreans.

You do have to give the iranians that much credit they just flat out said it
"fuck you were building a bomb no matter what you say." Of course they also added that when they detonate it, it will be the USs fault.

Its time to ask the Israelies to use those bunker buster bombs we just sold them. Unoficialy of course.


  1. Oh yes of course! It's ALWAYS the US' fault no matter what.

    I saw in interesting piece on this in the Weekly Standard - I'll try to find a link. Basically no matter what we do it appears that we're screwed.