Monday, February 28, 2005

Just some rambling

There has been a proposal in Philly to Ban Smoking in all bars and resturants. the smoke Nazis are on the loose. I have a proposal for all these places or at least how it should be. The revenue for the state of pennsylvania as like any state is from the collection of taxes. over 50% of the states income comes from the tax on tabacco. I would like to see it put into legislation that any city that bans smoking a legal product that provides the income base for the states budget. It should be placed into law that in areas that ban the use of products that provide the state its income those areas should have the revenue that they recieve from the state cut in half. Since they choose not to provide the state with its much needed funds their funds from the state should be cut. Especially a city like Philladelphia "the city that loves you back" in the mean time the population flees from this city due to the oppresive taxation for those that live in it. No business except Comcast cable wants to be located there, and comcast is another story for another day the cable company from hell. Ask the bar and resturant owners in NY how much their gross revenues have gone down since they inacted the smoking ban there. Just get over it if you ride in any car you get more second hand smoke from the exhaust of the car than if you were in a ten by ten room filled with fifty smokers. Yet I dont see any ban on cars in big cities there are nuts who do want to see cars banned but those kooks are also for another day. But this city will due what it believes is the right thing which of course will be the wrong thing for the city. All that they will accomplish is just providing another reason for the people in the suburbs not to come into the city.


  1. I've always been curious why the people who are so anti-smoker are that way when we basically support the frigging economy with all the taxes we pay on smokes.

    If we all quit - what would they do? The old people would die and the children would starve...

  2. Last year the Lincoln City Council (NE) debated a smoking ban for weeks. They ended up putting it on the ballot in November, and it passed. They started enforcing it Jan 1, and traffic is way down at bars and restaurants. There's already some talk of repeal. We'll see.

    My wife and I are both former smokers, and really don't like being around it any more. However, neither of us was for the ban. We never go to bars anyway, and as long as restaurants have areas for non-smokers we're fine.

  3. Both my wife and I are smokers although I am about to try and quit for my birthday Its March 9th. There have been times when I didn't smoke and it is dificult to be around. I just find it fundamentally wrong to force businesses to do somthing like this. Monica and I will go out and when we ask if a resturant has a smoking section if they say no we don't eat there


  4. Oh and Abe thank You for posting your the first besides monica

  5. We're also opposed to the government deciding the question for individual businesses. I don't buy the arguments on the dangers of secondhand smoke, either, which was a big part of the justification.