Thursday, March 10, 2005

Some Ramblings on The Abortion issue

I consider my self a conservative to the point of being a an original intent constitutionalist.

Yet I am pro-choice. I do not have the right as a person to say to some woman that she has no right to this procedure. That is a decision between her and her God. It is a moral decision that only the individual woman can make. I would hope that she would not chose the procedure as an option. I believe that if you don't want to get pregnant that there are plenty of options to prevent it. Yet I know it will still happen sometimes no matter what you use. I have never known a woman who after having an abortion did not regret how it affected her mentally if not physically.

This issue comes up every election here in the US and it is the biggest fraud issue that exists. No matter who you elect they will never change the laws to make abortion illeagle. Even the most extreme judges on the supreme court will never change roe v wade. The whole subject is a fear tactic used to scare and align political bases on both sides.

The Troll


  1. I don't know, Troll. There is a faction here that DOES want to do away with legal abortion.

    Roe v Wade was another nail in the coffin. It should have remained a State issue.

    Like you (and Condi Rice apparently) I am 'mildly' pro choice. I don't like it at all but realize the necessity of early terminations in some situations. Late term? Fuggedabout it.

    I advocate (and have spoken about this AT LENGTH in certain forums) the promotion of other choices. The way things stand now abortion is presented as the EASIEST, BEST (for mother and 'bundle of cells'..) choice available with absolutely no consequences! Wheeeeee!

    We know that abortion DOES have consequences no matter how early or for what reason it is done.

    I have lots more to say about this but I'm off the soapbox for now.

  2. I can buy the pro-abortion argument to a certain extent, but only "early" in the pregnancy. I can't accept the absolutist positions of this crowd, though. One day before birth the "fetus" is a "non-person?" No way.

    My objections to the absolutist anti-abortion position are less, in that I don't find this positon absurd. Pragmatically, I don't see that becoming law.

    Unfortunately, by taking the decision out of the states and out of the politcal realm, Roe v. Wade had done severe damage to our constitutional order. The hyper-politicization of the judicial process is a natural result of judicial activism as epitomized by Roe.