Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The True symbol of The US

The true symbol that represents the US is not uncle Sam, or the Eagle. The Flag may be our label but the symbol of the Heart of America is embodied in one of our comic book heros. The Batman. Think about it he is just a man after all yet he fights for what he feels is right. He doesn't fight fair, he scares the hell out of those that he chooses to oppose. No super powers, just determination, an unbreakable will, a lot of really neat high tech gadgets. and the willingness to get bloody in the fight for justice. With an inner heart that truly believes that he can make a differance along with the understanding that he must do what he does because he can. Like him we are viewed as the vigilanti and like him we don't care because the rules weren't made so as to allow evil to get away with evil even though that is how other nations seem to want to apply those rules. So you must sometimes break the rules for what is good and right. the end can justify the means.


  1. I love the Bat. I love the way you have stated it except for one small thing.

    Don't the leftists believe that the end justifies the means?

    Just thought I'd throw that one in.

  2. Yes they do and thats the whole point they don't follow the rules to shove their communist social dribble down our throats so why should we follow the rules to oppose their nonsense

  3. Truly - I think that we can fight them and still follow the rules.

    Not that I'm EVER too eager to follow rules.

    The Bat doesn't break many rules. He's pretty straightforward. He gets the bad guy on his own terms - just the same terms the bad guy understands. No bullshit, either.