Monday, April 01, 2013

The Cold War +

Not since the days of JFK has the US been under a greater threat than it is now. Everybody likes to look back at Jack Kennedy like he was some sort master President. JFK was nothing but a pretty face, but he had several things going for him and he knew how to use them.

First he was charming, and smart, So is Obama. Kennedy also had not only a miltary at it's peak, but one that was putting out advanced weapon systems on an almost quarterly basis. Obama started with a miltary that was honed and battle tested. Here is where the two men that are loved similarly drift vastly apart.

Kennedy was a Democrat true, but by today's standards he would be considered a radical right wing neocon, Where if you look at Obama honestly he would be called a Communist.

Kennedy slashed taxes and used the growth in government revenue to build our military and our space program. Obama has increased taxes and quadrupled spending money via credit while reducing our military and ending our space program.

Kennedy confronted our threats and our enemy's head on and with a serious threat of force behind him. Obama has appeased our enemy's to the point of offering to sit down with terrorists, and sending private messages to the Iranians through the Swiss that he supports their right to access to all things Nuclear, while at the same time he slashes our military and retreats on every front. He even went to bed and slept like a baby as one of our embassy's was overrun and our ambassador killed, then got up and went to Vegas.

Right now we have both China and Russia building their respective military to levels not seen since WWII. We have a Middle East that is on fire. Sunni and Shia are killing each other in the streets in every nation only occasionally pausing to hold I hat Israel or the United States rallies. The North Koreans have openly declared War on the US and South Korea and may actually start shooting while the are led by a loon from a long line of loons that is truly crazy.

The Iranians are funding every Terror group across the globe while they have reached the assembly point of Nuclear Weapons. Weapons that they intend to use.

And what are we doing? Kvetching over the catastrophic 2% cut of a Governmental budget that spends $5 for every $2 it takes in.

My friends there is a shit storm coming, and we about to get fucked! 

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