Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A message to the RNC, Time to begin the PURGE

The Victory of President-Elect Barack the Obamanation can be blamed and laid squarely at the feet of the RNC and our leaders in Congress,

It has been said from the beginning that McCain should not have been our choice, but the RNC staged the Primaries so that it could be no other. After all it was his turn.

What has it cost us? A man who palls around with terrorists and is a student and a believer in the teachings of Marx is now our President.

A man who has pledged to cut Billions from the military budget in the middle of a war, and who will systemically dismantle the greatest medical system in the world will have free reign, with a congress that believes they can run the banks and the Oil Business at least as well as they have run Medicare and Social Security.

What were we told conservatism is dead! It can't win only elections run on bipartisan middle of the grounders can, yet where conservative ideas were on the ballot they won. Even in California Gay Marriage was defeated. I am sure that will last until The Obamanation appoints his two supreme court judges.

The Party must pay for this debacle. It is time for the party to split in two or be purged of the Rinos that now are in charge,

No where did they fight on the principles of the Constitution, no where did they point out the tell tale problems that our new President represented as the threat they are to our freedoms and economic system.

We must pledge NO support to the fools that now represent us. They had the power to fight this battle and chose not to.

The only people that spoke out were the ones on the Radio and their voices are now about to be silenced by the fairness doctrine.

There are 57 Million people who voted against the oncoming onslaught, and millions more who would have if they were given a reason or a person to stand behind.

We the base, the believers in the constitution and who understand the difference between right and wrong must now mobilize to prevent the destruction of our nation.

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