Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Weekend of Good and Bad

I don't write on a personal level that often. I prefer to stick to politics. Tonight however I just feel like writing about my weekend. A slice in the life of the Troll if you will. An indulgence I ask of you occasionally. Not that often, but just enough to remind myself and you that even us villains are just people with the same pain and joy as the rest of you.

To start with I got told this weekend that my aunt probably won't make it through to Monday. She has Cancer and it's in its final stages. She is the last of my mothers family that she has left. My father passed over twenty years ago, and her mother and father have gone since then. She is taking it hard, a lot harder than she is trying to let show. As her son all I can do is be there for her. It's hard to feel powerless and still stand as we should.

That is my pain at this moment.

My joy comes in two sizes, ages 11 and 8. My daughters are my life's blessing. We went to
Dorney Park yesterday, we started in the water park. Four hours of waterslides and wave pools. The next seven hours were spent riding every ride we could squeeze in. My little one has grown quite brave and finally tall enough to go on any ride she wants.

Like her father she is getting an addiction to roller coasters, and Dorney has several. One of them is Steel Force the first roller coaster in the East to break the 200-foot barrier. With a 205-foot drop, two tunnels, steep banks and speeds reaching 75 miles per hour. One of the others was a wooden coaster Originally named "The Coaster," ThunderHawk debuted in Dorney Park in 1923 and was re-christened "ThunderHawk" prior to the 1989 season. Designed by Herbert Schmeck, this wooden roller coaster was manufactured and installed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The Thunderhawk roller coaster was originally constructed as an "out-and-back" roller coaster, but was modified into its present figure-eight pattern in 1930.

I spent the day watching them run from ride to ride laughing, while their mother and I enjoyed every minute of it. We ended this weekend tonight with a trip to the movies. We of course went to see
Batman. Do yourself a favor and indulge in this film.

Some of you my know my feelings about the bat, if not you can read them
here. As for this movie Heath Ledger brings the joker to life. Not in the buffoonish way like Ceaser Romero did, but as he is written in the dark graphic novels. The whole film is a treat. It captures the characters and offers a story that could be based in reality rather than comic books.

Not that in real life we could ever have a man running around in a costume saving us, but the story is no campy comic book tale of super villains and hero's. Go enjoy.

Well that was my good and bad. The cycle of life.

The Troll

Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008

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