Monday, July 09, 2007

UN Bullshit

Iran has slowed down its nuclear work: UN nuclear chief ElBaradei
Jul 9 07:56 AM US/Eastern

Iran has slowed down the expansion of its nuclear enrichment capabilities at its strategic plant in Natanz, UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Monday. (BULLSHIT)
"We have seen a fairly slow development in commissioning new cascades," ElBaradei told reporters, referring to the installation of centrifuges which enrich uranium into fuel for civilian reactors or, in its highly refined state, atom bomb material.

ElBaradei has called on Iran to freeze new enrichment work, holding it at current levels, in return for the United Nations holding off on new sanctions against Iran for its failure to heed UN Security Council calls for it to halt all enrichment work." (So Iran was told to stop ALL enrichment and they refused, so now the UN lowers its demand)

Iran has not yet frozen the work, ElBaradei said.

The Council has already imposed two rounds of sanctions.

ElBaradei has said he is seeking a "time-out" in the international confrontation fueled by fears Iran is using its civilian atomic energy program as a cover for the secret development of nuclear weapons. (they have had more than enough time to acquiesce to the international communities demands. The only thing a time out can serve is to tie the hands of the US and Israel from destroying the refining sites)

Iran has so far said it will not halt or slow down its enrichment work.

ElBaradei said IAEA inspectors had noticed Iran's slowdown "in commissioning new cascades for the treatment of nuclear material" while on a visit to Natanz last week. (what fantasy is this idiot basing this assumption on?)

ElBaradei said he welcomed this since "Iran needs to do everything to cool things down." (Iran has repeated over and over that they will NOT stop refining)

There is a "need to shift from the mode of confrontation to the mode of goodwill and cooperation," ElBaradei said. (NO it is time to step the confrontation UP to the next level)

The UN is a corrupt body of dictators determined to allow Iran to get a Nuclear Bomb. They will cheer when Iran Nukes Israel and will still try to demand continued talks even as we sift through the ashes of what was Telaviv.

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