Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's Time for a RHINO HUNT....

As Doctors of death drive cars through plate glass windows at airports, and Lunatic Little Persians refine uranium to make bombs while financing every terror group in the Middle East. We have one party in our country willing to allow car bombs to go off in the streets of America so that they can blame Bush, believing it will allow them to recapture power.

And on our side. We have a few major assholes bailing ship and joining the idiot savant club that doesn't believe Iraq is the main front in the war on terror.

That's right I'm talking about these assholes. Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. The latest pussy traitorous scum willing to put our lives in jeopardy out of an imagined fear that they won't get re-elected if they stand for defending this country and it's citizens.

I understand that the Dems have been completely taken over by the communist fringe dope smokin peace, love, and Bobby Sherman Sixty's Scum that now find themselves in office. Good god their being run by someone from San Fran in one house and a land swindler in the other.

But anyone on the right side of the isle that's starting to spout the same shit as Harry Reid as our soldiers our honestly stompin ass in Iraq and doesn't realize that the issue of the presidential race is security and the war. They should be actively drummed out of the party and treated as the absolute retards that they are.

The base is coming out to vote this election. It's going to come down to 3 people Rudy, Thompson, and Newt or Romney. Whichever one gets the base to believe that they will fight the jihadies and seal the border will get the 5-1 majority that is the conservative vote of the American people.

We know we are at war. It's only the asshole elite in Washington who don't. The enemy is here they want to kill us, their masters in the middle east are trying to get a bomb so that we can't attack them at home. While our home grown git squad shove their collective heads up their asses.

We have made it through another holiday without an internal attack, but how many of you are holding your breath?

We know it's coming and we are not willing to put a president in office who is too stupid or politically correct to see that it's coming, and will do what is necessary to protect us.

So how stupid are you, that you think your chances of being re-elected on the right are better by coming out against fighting these Islamic loonies? These idiots actually think they represent us?

I think NOT

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