Monday, March 05, 2007

ACLU Pedophile Predator Caught

As for the MSM yes they do love certain stories don't they especially if they are about violence or sex.

That's why I find it interesting how they are ignoring the story about a prominant Virginia political figure who got caught buying with his credit card images of prepubecent girls being tied to a chair and raped, he had tons of kiddie porn images on his computer and This guy was the major force in NOT allowing any type of porn filters to be put on public library computers in Virginia.

How did they miss such an opportunity to nail a politician for such hypocracy?


He is Russ Tierney former head of the Virginia ACLU and was arrested Feb 23

51 year old Charles Russ Tierney, an attorney and former head of the ACLU in Virginia was arrested and charged in federal court with possessing child pornography. Agents found videos in his home of little girls being violently raped by adults.

And which news organizations covered this story, and which did not. The two biggest “left wing” news outfits in the country, the New York Times and NBC news ignored the story entirely. CBS news CNN and most of the big-city liberal newspapers also failed to cover the Russ Tierney arrest. and the Associated Press did cover, and because it happened in their backyard, the Washington post ran a brief story in it’s SECOND SECTION, essentially burying the entire thing.

Now, the failure of most media outlets to cover this colossal embarrassment to the ACLU contrasts vividly with the coverage of preacher Ted Haggard, which embarrassed conservative Christians. You remember when Haggard was accused of immorality by a male prostitute, the story was all over the place. This is yet more proof that the American press is corrupt… but they don't lean LEFT......LOL

Not to mention that you can't find a picture of this pedophile predator any where on the net......

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