Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time to Start a Fire and Smoke out the RINOS

Lets face facts we lost the Congress the Dems didn't win it. We lost it due to lack of Conservative Leadership. The buffoons that have led the party for the last 6 years refused to fight for the belief system that got them elected. Conservatism is what it's all about. Without standing for those beliefs. The belief of Smaller Government, the belief in Fiscal Responsibility and balanced budgets, the belief in speaking the truth about our adversaries both foreign and domestic. And what I mean by that last one the domestic enemy is the Liberal.

People like John McCain do not stand for our party, nor any of the so called leaders like Hasert and Frist and the RNC. These people REFUSE to strike back when our beliefs and our people were attacked.

These idiots could not even stop ILLEGAL Immigration. This issue is almost as great a threat to our country as the Terrorists. Now they will grant Amnesty to 20 Million Illegals, and create a guest worker program. Not for educated people that can add Doctors and Engineers to our ranks but migrant workers that take construction Union jobs at 16-30 dollars an hour (oh I forgot Americans won't do those jobs). If you think I'm wrong check out who is rebuilding New Orleans. The construction in that city is being done by 90% ILLEGALS and is being paid for by our tax money.

If we don't force OUR party to recognize what WE WANT the dems will not only control the Congress but we will also have Hillary as President.

I say we start a barbeque and put RINO meat on the Grill

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