Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First Shot at Impeachment

Elizabeth Holtzman has been a US Congresswoman, the District Attorney of Brooklyn, and was Member of House panel that impeached Richard Nixon.

She is now leading a grassroots campaign to Impeach GW Bush. This campaign will begin this Saturday Nov 11th at the Constitution Center in Philly. Ms. Holtzman has a book The Impeachment of George W. Bush

This wackjob believes that the President is guilty of High Crimes and misdemeanors. She defines these as abuse of Presidential powers and subversion of the constitution. To back those charges she cites: The NSA Wiretap Program, Lies getting us into Iraq not WMD but the connection between Bin Laden and Saddam, and last but not least the Joe Wilson no yellow cake was ever sought by Saddam in Niger. Brought up by citing the British intelligence report in the State of The Union Address.

She believes the "evidence" will rally the people behind her cause....

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