Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reid: Investigate Bush Over North Korea Nukes

By Nathan Burchfiel Staff Writer
October 09, 2006

( - Reacting to the announcement that North Korea successfully conducted a nuclear test, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called Monday for an investigation of the Bush administration's "failed North Korea policies." Land Deal Harry is the one that needs to be investigated.

In a release, Reid said that "on the Bush Administration's watch, North Korea's arsenal has grown to as many as a dozen bombs," because he said Bush is "distracted by Iraq and paralyzed by internal divisions." Yeah it had nothing to do with the FACTS that Madelin Alldull and Gritz Carter negotiated a bad deal that had the Clinton Administration giving N Korea all the ingreadiants to make all the Nuclear Bombs they could ever want.

Calling the test "reckless and counterproductive," Reid called on Bush to "rally the international community and ... directly speak with the North Koreans so they understand we will not continue to stand on the sidelines." He has rallied the International Community and got 4 other countries involved in talks with N Korea, unlike the FAILED Bi-Lateral talks of the Clinton Administration that gave NK the Bomb in the first place.

Reid also called for a "full review" of the Bush administration's "failed North Korea policy," the development of "recommendations to change course," and direct communication with the North Koreans about "the consequence of their actions and the administration's new course." Once again the Dems want to go back to the FAILED policy of the Clintons that gave NK the Bomb.

In an election-year call for support, Reid said Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress "have made America less secure. It is time for a new direction," he said, referring to the Democrats' campaign slogan. Yes the direction of SURRENDER. Funny ain't it how the policies of Bill Clinton and Madelin Alldull were directly responsibile for causing 9-11 and N Korea having the Bomb yet thats what the Dems want to return to...LOL

In a separate statement Monday, House Speaker Dennis Hastert also condemned the nuclear test, calling it a "desperate act of a criminal regime."

Hastert said the United States is "neither threatened nor impressed, but resolved to restore stability to the Pacific Rim."

Hastert called on the international community, specifically the United Nations, to "take decisive action to isolate this regime against this provocative move." The UN couldn't decide to tie it's own shoes, unless of course they could figure out how to steal money in the process.

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