Sunday, October 15, 2006

Murtha Tells MoveOn Members: 'Screw' Republicans

By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
October 13, 2006

( - "Screw them," Rep. John Murtha said of Republicans in an email sent to the liberal political group on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who is urging a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, added that he needs its members' help to throw GOP congressmen "out of power -- as many of them as possible."

"I'm working hard to turn the mess in Iraq around -- but I need more good people in Congress with me," Murtha stated. He referred to "outstanding" candidates that he would like to see elected, such as fellow Pennsylvania Democrats Lois Murphy in the 6th District and Chris Carney in the 10th District, as well as Zack Space, a candidate in Ohio's 18th District race.

"The three candidates who need your support today will fight side-by-side with me in Congress when the time comes to hold George W. Bush's feet to the fire," Murtha stated. "Can I count on you to chip in $25 or more?" he asked.

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