Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Troll Escaped!

Musings In Flight

Over my last 2 weeks of exile from the blogosphere I have been gone but not idle. During my absence from the computer a major front of the war was engaged and then lost with diplomacy, an extreme leftist lost a primary because his party threw him out because he understands the threat against us, and an idiot who should atleast fade away, since he doesn't have the decency to die, provided a Mad Man a propaganda victory that couldn't have been done any sweeter if the best script writers in Hollywood had written it for him. Top that all off with my industry being part of another terrorist attack.

Another thing that took place is I acquired a satellite radio. As punishment for not blogging I have forced myself to suffer listening to Air America. Those people are not only stupid they are certifiably nutz and dangerous. Listening to the lunacy filled me with both dread and hope. Dread over the realization that a third of our nation are lemmings being driven over the cliff by hate filled loons just as the myth of the lemmings voluntarily running off the cliff was found out later to be a fraud, so will the future prove that the human lemmings we call Democrats be shown for the fraud that a few American politburo communists and useful idiots are perpetrating, the political communists Dean, Pelosi, the Clintons etc..etc.. only care about power.

Randi Rhodes has to be the most ignorant useful idiot that has ever walked the face of the earth. This SheBeast is a walking, talking pustule on the ass of life. This thing ignores every failure of the Clinton presidency and credits things like the capturing millenium bomber (that they had no part in capturing) as one of Clinton's successes. The only thing greater than her spin of falsehoods is her unending selflove.

To be continued.....

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