Monday, July 10, 2006

The Big Brains and Opinion makers still just don't get it!

I was reading this WSJ Editorial, and all I could think to myself is that they just don't get it. They are also not alone in the fact that they don't get it. The entire Senate doesn't get it and only about a third of the House does get it.

You ask what the hell are you babbling about Troll? Simple, Immigration or to be more direct ILLEGAL Immigration. The Wall Street Journal and all the rest of the professional politicians are looking at the numbers and are saying "Were not wrong the people want a comprehensive plan" and to a degree they are correct.

as they show here:

According to the most recent Tarrance Group survey, 75% of likely GOP voters support immigration reform that combines increased border and workplace enforcement with a guest-worker system for newcomers and a multiyear path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here--provided that they meet certain requirements like living crime free, learning English and paying taxes. "Support for this plan," the poll found, "is strong even among base Republican voter demographics like strong Republicans (77%), very conservative Republicans (72%), white conservative Christians (76%), and those who listen to news talk radio on a daily basis (72%)."

What they DON'T GET is that even with those numbers the venom and the e-mail that they are receiving has been great enough that the Senate Bill is DEAD, and as they hold these bullshit Hearings around the country that are "Designed" to enlighten us, the Venom has gotten worse.

The Simple Fact is that the American Public does NOT trust its government to do both. Create a guest worker Program, and Secure the Borders. The track record of the congress is to promise both, but only act on the Amnesty. I find it amusing that they are confused and shocked that the Public is telling them "screw you, seal the border FIRST and then will talk about the Amnesty". The politicians really don't understand why they aren't trusted on this issue. Add to that the fact that they have got away with promising this before and and did it even during the time of Reagan. Has them flabbergasted.

It's really very simple. We are at War, we have limited internal resources, and we are being invaded on our southern border. As the war continues and gas prices continue to further strain the personal economics of the Middle Class. We look at this issue in two aspects 1) ILLEGAL immigration has already destroyed the economy of five states, with its strain on medical and social resources. Schools, hospitals, and local police are overwhelmed by ILLEGALS. Over 70% of the people wanted for MURDER in California are ILLEGALS. 2) THEIR ILLEGALS they broke the law, it is a matter of PRINCIPALS something our politicians seem to have long ago lost.

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