Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Problem of Iran

By The City Troll

We have to give a serious look at what is coming with Iran. We have a country that is being run by a Dream of creating a world wide Caliphate. The Mad Mullahs have been promoting terror on the world since the late 70s. Their mad front man Ahmadinejad is a direct product of their violent philosophy. From his start as one of the "students" that took our embassy personnel hostage, to the Nuclear Bomb building fanatic that is bringing the threat of a real nuclear war to us today. This man believes that the great Imam that will make the world into this caliphate is going to climb out of a well at any moment, and he's preparing to give this Imam the weapons that the Imam will need to achieve that goal.

He is moving into position to achieve this goal on several fronts. Besides the bombs he is also in control of one of the worlds largest oil supplies. He has also had talks with Venezuela who's leader is also not what could be categorized as a friend to the U.S..

What would the effect be if these to countries acted in unison to cut supplies of oil to the world market? What if they conspired to change the excepted currency for oil to Euros instead of Dollars? Both events would have catastrophic consequences on our economy. That's the economic front in the upcoming war.

The military front could be even worse. The Russians have pledged their support to stand with Iran militarily. They have ties to China, and with their threat of nuclear weapons they would have no problem convincing the rest of the Middle East countries to join them either by choice or force. They have already had meetings with Qatar, and several other ME states.

Combine that with statements like this one from Iran's Interior Minister Speaking at the special funeral service held for the martyrs of recent bombings in Ahvaz, he said "the enemies of Muslim nation of Iran seek domination over the rich natural resources of the Middle East region." Interior Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi said here Thursday that "Iran's enemies know that their plots plots cannot make the Iranian nation given in to enemies and no power can prevent them from attaining the goals of the Islamic Revolution." Those goals are Death to America and Israel along with the creation of the Caliphate.

The picture that was on the podium when Ahmadinejad spoke of the wiping Israel off the map was buried by our press. It showed the world in an hour glass. At the bottom of that hour glass was two balls that fell out of the Earth. One for Israel and one for the U.S.. The U.S. one is broken the Israeli one was not. Meaning the U.S. must be destroyed first. It has been proposed that Iran could launch a missile from a ship off of our coast and explode it in the atmosphere causing an EMP. I think it even more likely that the missile could be launched from Cuba. They recently met with the Cubans also, what a nice present for Castro to give us before he dies.

The Chess pieces are being put in place to destroy the U.S. what are we doing to prevent it? Waiting on the U.N.?

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