Thursday, January 26, 2006


This would be the state of our healthcare system if we let the government run it. The Blog A Tangled Web is based in Northern Ireland and is the best site on the net to get a good read on British Politics in general, and Britains relationship with Ireland.

From A Tangled Web
You must read this shocking article on the utter chaos that prevails within the UK National Health Service, the so-called "envy of the world." A survey shows that more than three quarters of NHS trusts currently in financial deficit have cut staff, 52 per cent have closed wards while 48 per cent are delaying work, and another 38 per cent have cancelled services or restricted eligibility for services. This is akin to a third world level of health care and yet the Government brazenly fronts it out, suggesting things are getting better all the time. This is proof, if ever we needed it, that letting politicians run a Health Service is folly incarnate.
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