Sunday, July 24, 2005

Now Lets See What will Happen

The Unions in this country are struggling to survive. In there hayday 1 in 3 workers belonged to a union Now its 1 in 12.

For the most part Unions have driven themselves out of existance by creating an environment where they over price the value of labor. Unions drove the steel industry out of the country, unions have bancrupted the Airline industry, and now the auto workers union has bancrupted GeneralMotors.

The second and even more stupid act of the unions is that they are the lap dogs of the Democrat Party. The unions keep the Democrat Party a float with money and forced labor to work the polls and phone banks at election time. If you don't campain for the democrats that the union suports YOU DON'T WORK. You have no say in who your union dues support whether you believe in them or not and they wonder why anybody that has a choice in joining a union refuses to join.

The only reason that unions have the few members they have these days is because there are still jobs that if you don't join the union you don't get the job.

Now the union personell themselves are trying to solve these issues and are splitting over them. I will researve my judgement if this is really the TRUTH I want to see whether or not they actually stay out of politics or stay away from just one party support. I don't believe they will. We shall just have to wait and see won't we.


  1. You forgot the mention the Teachers Union - the most vile union of all!!

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