Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Discovery is in Orbit HoooRah!

Well its about time. The American Space program is back up and running. Now the fight really begins. The Shuttles are an old system that was supposed to only be in existance for ten years.

The politicians just worked out a budget of 34billion along with a game plan for what the Space program is supposed to do next. Now they didn't allowcate the money yet but the plan has been approved. Of course we had assholes like Barney frank voting against it stating that not a dollar should be spent on the space program as long as there are still people on welfare and a healthcare crises in the US. What a brilliant forward thinker. People like him should be removed. Never mind all the benifits that space program has brought the world as long as someone wants you to pay for them to live we shouldn't spend the money. What an ass.

Now we need to start rebuilding the lift vehicles to take us back to the moon. Nothing except the War on Terror is more important. A perminant presence on the moon is vital. This program has been derailed long enough.

Godspeed STS 114 a safe trip and a safe return.

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