Saturday, May 14, 2005

A great man but a saint?

I see that the new pope is rushing to get the last pope declared a Saint. Now John Paul was a great man but a saint I don't know I didn't hear of any miracles when he was a live he was a stuburn vivacious man that stuck to his convictions and He along with Maggie The Great an Ronoldus Maximus brought the Soviet Scum to thier knees. If you make him a Saint so are both of those two.

The Troll


  1. It's a bit strange, isn't it? My bet is that the Vatican has so widened the definition of miracles that his supposed role in ending the Soviet empire (and they were doing such a good demolition job themselves) will be counted. As well, perhaps, as his forgiving his attempted assassin.

    Even though many of the things the Pope did (such as allowing that Judaism is a road to salvation) seem quite profound, I would still find this route quite strange.

  2. I have to Agree with you Ciaran

  3. Here is an interesting link discussing alleged miracles: