Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sitting a Death Watch on the day of the resurection

God it's just been so depressing watching the battle to kill this poor woman. I have been following this case for five years a good true refrence to what has really occured in this case can be found at the Glen Beck website. Terry is in a veggetative state but she was put there by her husband. This whole case should have been about the validity of this asshole being her guardian. Instead we have all been witness to a circus of unbelievable horror. Which part is more horriffieing changes moment to moment whether its the murderer husband disposing of the evidence which just happens to still be a person at the moment. Or the grieved parents that just want to provide what is left of their daughter some dignity in whats left of her life. The most horrifieng of all as usual are the ghouls of the press core Those are the ones who should be being dehydraited to death.

And we watch this spectacle perform its final acts in the week of the resurection. This case has shown the division in this country more than the war.

The Judiciary is out of controll they are not gods and they are not supposed to make law their job is supposed to be to interpit it. The judge in this case has forgotten his oath of office and has probably never read the constitution and the federalist papers. He should be lying next to this woman.

While at the same time another death watch is taking place on the other side of the world. As we watch a pope fade from life.

Which death and the circumstances around it do you think GOD is paying more attention too.

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  1. I am depressed about this too. I just pray for Terry and for her family that the angels will comfort them.

    I have so much respect for Terri's family for fighting so hard for her. Agree with this or not, it has to be admitted that her family fought for her more than most of us would have the wherewithal for. I can't imagine what they are going through watching their daughter/sister die in such an awful way. I heard they're giving her morphine now.