Monday, June 17, 2013

Committing Suicide

Not me so no cheering. The Senate is poised to pass immigration reform. The main plank in it is Amnesty for the 11-40 million illegals in the country. Lindsey Graham John McCains hand maiden has predicted it will pass with an overwhelming majority.
Good I hope it does. Not another single event will cause more sitting members of the Senate to lose their seats. It will definitely destroy the Republican Party. No other issue is more destructive. The Republican base has spoken loud and clear. No Amnesty till the Border is Secure. PERIOD!
The Republicans are believing their own PR offices, but guess what guys. No one that votes is going to support you. You’re doomed to loose any chance of ever taking the Senate and if the House joins you in this debacle the 2010 elections will make the next midterms look like mild shift.
With all the economic problems, the violations to our Constitution these ass hats are going to pass a Bill that will legalize 11-40 million people that 70% are guranteed to vot Democrat and at the same time lost over half the people that vote for them. Suicide is the only way to describe this action.


  1. what's wrong with Marco Rubio? Did he catch McCain disease? Does he think the left will love him for doing this? He should know better. Just look at how the left turned on McCain.

  2. It must be the water!