Saturday, May 04, 2013

They're Still Lying

As we KNOW as a matter of record. There was NEVER a protest. The Administration knew it that night. At 6pm Obama was told that our Embassy had been overrun and that the Ambassador was missing. He left that meeting went to his private quarters and was not seen or heard from again till the next morning.

That morning he went before the Camera's in the Rose Garden LIED to the Press and the American Public that this was about a reaction to a Video that was out over 3 months prior, got on a Plane and went to Vegas to collect money for his reelection. That story was a LIE. He knew it was a LIE.

The entire attack on our Embassy was caught on film. After the first 30 minutes it was being watched LIVE in the White House Situation room. The Quick Response teams were either never sent or were told to stand down. CIA operatives at the site were ordered not to provide Aid. They did so and lost their lives.

This was an Obama Operation to provide guns to Al-Queda in Syria with weapons. Our Ambassador had just met with the Turkish Government Representative that we were funneling the weapons through his country with. A half hour later our Embassy was overrun. There was never a protest.

Ambassador Stevens was our man in the region that facilitated Arms. He was the person that facilitated the Arms to the Libyan Rebels that overthrew Gaddafi. He was doing the same thing here for the Syrian Rebels. So now 8 months later the FBI which has come to stand for Fumbling Bunch of Idiots releases pictures from the attack of the 3 leaders of the attack.

Now they have had these photo's from day one. They have lied over and over.

We have had an Ambassador killed, we have had a President, a Secretary of State that has Lied under oath (gee didn't her husband do that also?) we have an Administration lying through the Press Secretary that they are not blocking witnesses from testifying. Yet there are attorneys publicly saying otherwise. There are State Dept Officials appearing on TV behind screens with their voices changed out of fear of reprisal.

So you tell me Hillary "What difference does it make?".... how about to these dead guys?

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