Monday, May 13, 2013

It must be Bush’s fault….

A very funny headline is running here in the States.



It seems that the Obama Administration has been violating the privacy and sanctity of the Press… Ahhh what a shock. I’m sure the press won’t mind, why would they? They don’t mind abuse of power of the IRS going after Tea Party Organizations, Jewish Organizations, including the demanding of lists of all members and donors of those organizations.
We have in power a group of people that believe they are above the law. The check and balance of a government that violates the Law is a vigilant Press Corps. What we have had for over a decade is a Press that no longer is interested in the truth, but instead has been in pursuit of an ideological agenda.
Well they have been very successful at supporting that agenda rather than being the guardians of truth. It is only just that they get to receive some of the benefits they are in a large part responsible for.

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