Monday, April 15, 2013

We Know 2 Things

We suffered a Terrorist attack. 2 people confirmed Dead (including an 8yr old Child) and there are at last count 100 wounded.

And 2 The Obama Administration has spent Millions of Dollars and Millions of Man Hours over the past 4 months trying to disarm Law Abiding Americans. While not doing their job protecting us from Nefarious people that mean to do us harm.

Whether they be Domestic or Foreign.

At this point anything else is speculation

The U.S. Government has one Constitutional Duty to Protect the People.


  1. I am devastated by this attack. Boston Marathon is my dream marathon and to see this happen horrified me.

  2. glad you weren't there Skye, I know that event is a dream of yours. One of the first things I checked was that you hadn't posted that you were attending.