Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Letter to the Gun Manufacturers and Distributors of Connecticut

Why as someone who holds an FFL, and who works in a Firearms store should I

1) Sell your product ?
2) Recommend anyone buy any of your Products ?

Since your company is based in a State that supports the violation of the Second Amendment, your profits and payroll suport that States Government. Your employees more than likely voted for these people.

This makes your Company a supporter of the UN-Constitutional actions of the State Government you support.

As a supporter of the Second Amendment, I can not with a clear conscience supply your company with the funds that go to supporting the State in which your business resides.

I hope others do the Same.

A Second Amendment Supporter.

The following companies are gun manufacturers in the State of Connecticut. They provide jobs and tax revenue for the people of this state. It is time for responsible Gun Owners to speak with their dollars and their voices.

Some of these companies make the finest firearms in the World, yet the fact that they are based in the State with the most UN-Constitutional Laws against the people that purchase their products they should no longer be supported.

A portion of the price of everyone of these companies products supports the Connecticut State Government. We need to cut those funds off. 

If the companies want our business they should MOVE.

Here is a list of the Gun Manufacturers in Connecticut

Marker A
547 New Park Ave
West Hartford CT 06110-1336
(860) 232-4489

Marker B
PO Box 1868
West Hartford CT 06110-1336
(860) 236-6311

Marker C
611 W Johnson Ave # 1
Cheshire CT 06410-4504
(203) 272-6280

Marker E
281 Canal St # C
Shelton CT 06484-3190
(203) 922-0472

Marker F
100 Kenna Dr
North Haven CT 06473-2516
(203) 239-5621

Marker G
7 Grasso Ave
North Haven CT 06473-3237
(203) 230-5300

Marker H
1 Lacey Pl
Southport CT 06890-1207
(203) 259-7843

Marker I
453 Ledyard St
Hartford CT 06114-3211
(860) 296-7441

Marker J
45 Angevine Rd
Warren CT 06754-1819
(860) 355-9000

 Let them know how you feel


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