Thursday, March 28, 2013

To David.

A Principled Conservative Voice, there's the rub. How does one maintain a principled voice when surrounded by unprincipled people? You can't. you can only be yourself and hope to maintain a little of your own principles.

I couldn't do that. I lost my principles, and descended into pettiness. I had my antagonists, mostly my fellow Americans, but it was I that lost it.  I was raised better than I acted.

To any of my former colleagues from ATW that perchance read this I'm sorry. I leave for the betterment of the group, which many have already pointed out.

I regret my part in the shambles. There are those of you I will miss. I don't believe my views will be missed though. The host and one are two others are in a swarm of those that don't hold to the simple goal stated in the above mission statement.

David you are my friend, and I owe you many thanks. For your generosity, your tolerance, and above all else your friendship. For years you allowed me to voice a side of the U.S. that is not heard on your shores. I thank you for giving me that platform, knowing at times it cost you.

I wanted to make that statement public. I hope you get to see it.
I am truly sorry and heartbroken.

The Troll

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