Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Battle over Gay Marriage

The Battle over Gay Marriage is not a subject I usually discuss. Personally I don’t care what people do with their sexuality. I also am a supporter of civil unions. A couple no matter what it is made up of deserve certain rights. Equal in the eye of the Law.
Not however equal in the eye of God. Some of you don’t believe in God, the majority of the people of the World do.
Marriage is a word that implies the sanctification of a couples Union in eye of God. A gay couple can not get that. Sorry but that is the way it is. Civil Unions have won all the same rights in every legal sense as a marriage, yet this has not been enough for the Gay community.
Their single goal is to get it recognized by the courts so that suit can be brought against Religious organizations under the discrimination Laws. Just as the Catholic Church under these laws and Obama Care is being forced to fund abortions and the Pill against the beliefs of their faith, so to does the Gay community wish to force the Church to perform Marriage between a couple of the same gender.
That’s what this is about. How the Nine Holy Lawyers who Dictate unelected from the bench will decide I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is the 36 times that Gay Marriage has been Voted on by the People it has been defeated in every case by vast majorities. This is what the Left does, when they lose their case in the arena of public opinion the find a court to FORCE their view on a majority that does not believe or support their position.

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