Friday, March 20, 2009

The Circus Maximus

This clip depicts so many characters in this 3 ring monkey show that's being put on about a pitence of bonuses a mere 136million. I submit to you Senator Dodd, President Obama, Secretary Geitner, et al.....

The Sham that they have just committed over the last week was great comedy except for the tragedy that it's my country. The administration has lied, been caught lying, and then breached one of the primary principals of and for the Constitution of The United States.

These bonuses are not even bonuses for performance they are retention bonuses. The toothless town idiot Blarney Fwank said and I quote "All these people should be fired" just imagine that line coming out the mouth of the worst lisp you've ever heard spraying from toothless lips.

Well rocket scientists, economic wizard Rep Fwanks, THEY ARE ALREADY FIRED! The bonuses are for staying to finish there jobs as they themselves tye the knots up of their already eliminated Jobs, ya dumb git.

These people were told "were doing away with your jobs will pay you this just to finish them off".
Now mind you they all knew about these bonuses before the Bill that "nobody read" and the fact Dodd and Obama were the two largest recipients of AIG contributions, and Geitner, the white house staff, Dodds staff, and madam Pelosi, Specifically put in the wording in to protect those bonuses. your not supposed to notice.

Nor are you to notice that the same day this all started, it was released that out of the 186 BILLION, that AIG received 44 Bil went to American Banks while 55 Bill went to overseas Banks. I'm sure only the Swiss know where part of the missing Billions are.

Then the she-bitch Pelousey Violates the constitution by ramming through a Bill of Attainder. A Bill of Attainder is the power of Government used to punish a specific person or group of persons Like the AIG bonus receivers (that they were protecting in the first place) It is specifically forbidden by the Constitution, because it was the manifestation of the policies of the government they fought against.

What your not supposed to notice though is this week the Federal Reserve Monetized the debt. We bought our own bad paper. No Nation has ever survived that, but that all right since the whole world is in the economic toilet what we really need is a UN Dollar for the entire world...

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