Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No One is Safe from The Mad Persian

As Iran Launches it's first satellite into space what does it mean? Can the Iranians now get the Dish Network and watch more TV, or does it prove the Mad Persian Imamadjihad can now drop a nuke anywhere in the world he wants?

The Safir-2 Rocket Launch went off without a hitch. Successfully putting the satellite in orbit. Proving that Iran can deliver a payload into orbit. The question I ask is what is more likely to be in that payload? A communication satellite, or a Nuclear Bomb?

This regime has declared war on the West, the fact that they have had missiles that could reach England, France, or Germany has caused no real concern to the heads of the EU. Will this launch even cause them to blink an eye?

Iran will have enough fissile material to create warheads within the month. Will that cause the EU or the UN to loose any sleep?

This man who was one of the leaders in the hostage taking of the US embassy in 1979, and who is a member of the sect that believes the 12th Imam will return. A man who has said on numerous occasions it is his mission in life to bring about this return, which by the way can only be brought back by bathing the world in blood.

Or will all this just be another ho hum event to the comatose masses of gits that walk slowly to their own slaughter.

What do you think?

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