Thursday, February 05, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act

Does a ballot cast in private or a card signed in pub?lic better reveal a worker's true preference about whether to join a union? A private vote is the obvious answer, but organized labor has nonetheless made the misleadingly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA, H.R. 800) its highest legislative priority.

What that means is Guido and his two buddies approach you and say "are you John Smith, living at 222 Brown St and work at Wall Mart? Here sign this union card." Now if you don't want to they know where you live and they know "your a problem".

The Bill also does away with Elections, the Union can come to your house, the bar you hang at, the work place, or all 3. Once they "convince" 51% of the workers to sign the cards your store is now a Union Shop.

The Company then has 90 days to complete a Union Contract that the Union agrees to or the Government steps in and decides what workers make what wages and receive what benefits.

If the Company refuses they have to close the business and are forbidden to EVER reopen again.

Union activists contend that the act would pro?tect workers' freedom to freely choose to join a union. However, workers' best defense against harassment and intimidation by either a union or an employer is a secret-ballot election in which nei?ther knows how any individual worker voted.

7% of the American work force are Union members, that's all. Unions have destroyed the two largest industries in the country. The Steel Industry, and The Auto Industry. Since 1940 Organized labour has cost the US 50 Trillion Dollars in GDP.

This happens with the hidden expense that a union costs a business. The Average US Big 3 Auto worker costs the company $75 an hour, where a non-union worker at an American Toyota factory costs $40 an hour.

The debt for Medicare and Social Security for the next 40 years is $50 Trillion the same cost as what the Unions have already cost the country. What unions have already cost us could have made those programs solvent.

To sum it up if this bill passes workers will be intimidated into joining a union, companies will have to comply, or shut their doors forever. Not to mention the COMMUNIST tactic of the government dictating who gets paid what. Which they just did to the corporate execs who begged for bailout money.

Add to that the cost of increased prices which effect everyone, and the forcing of 22 states removing their right to work laws by dictation from the Federal Government.

The Current group in power are Soviets.

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